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Prayer List

New prayer requests can be made online using the Prayer Request form.
Thank you!

Long Term Prayer Needs

Family and friends of Judy Esposito
Family and friends of Joan Tutor
Charles Tutor (end stage renal disease)
Jane Smith (kidney failure)
John Eastlack (Kathy Norgard’s son)
Judy Hansborough (Fibromyalgia & spine)
Betsy Smith (personal need for the Jones daughter)
David Wilcove
Our Service men & women
Victims of violence around the world
Refugees in Europe, Middle East & elsewhere
Our planet

Illness & Injury

Bob Fraser
Lucy Hecker (ALS)
Sue Sweetra (hip surgery)
Lilah Young (knee surgery)
John Miller (knee surgery)
Joan Tutor (stroke)
Joanne Reynolds (long haul COVID)
Malla Brandenberger (colon cancer)
Catalina Febres de Gutierrez (Laura Gutierrez’s aunt, in hospital with COVID )
Norm Dumas (Recovering from throat cancer)
Maria Brockus (Uterine cancer)
Paul Brockus (Multiple Myeloma)
Mary Toole (Fibromyalgia and cancer)
Evalyn Wilson (fighting stage 4 lung cancer)
Mariah Green (cancer)
Sharon Boyd (metastatic lung cancer)
Dave McCullough (severe hand injury)
Maggie O’Brian (surgery)
Cora Parsons (cancer)
Nancy Goodale (breast cancer)
Louise Spann (cancer)
Kathy Ertmoed (Kelly Jo’s aunt, Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy)

Personal Crisis

Jamal Cheatham
Lorraine and Seve