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Prayer List

New prayer requests can be made online using the Prayer Request form.
Thank you!

Long Term Prayer Needs

Family and friends of Fred Barker
Family and friends of Allison Kateley
Lesia Pona and family
The People of Ukraine
Julie Boltz (founder of girls’ schools in Afganistan)
Qasim Family (UCC friends from Afghanistan as they get resettled in the U.S.)
Charles Tutor (end stage renal disease)
John Eastlack (Kathy Norgard’s son)
Judy Hansborough (spine pain and memory concerns)
David Wilcove
Our Service men & women
Victims of violence around the world
Refugees in Europe, Middle East & elsewhere
Our planet
Prayers for an end to gun violence in the U.S.

Illness & Injury

Roy Kastning (complications from heart attack)
George G. (total hip replacement)
Fred Buxton and family
Karl Overman (recovery from Covid complications)
Joanne Reynolds
Alice Krist (breast cancer)
Bob Godwin (Covid and other health complications)
Jeff Masters and family
Virginia Nicolaisen (open heart surgery)
Debby Harell (stage 3 cancer)
David Snell (newly diagnosed with leukemia)
Maria Brockus (Uterine cancer)
Kathy Ertmoed (Kelly Jo’s aunt, Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy)

Personal Crisis

Crystal Vines
Asher Isumael
Jeff LaLonde