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Church Council

In the tradition of congregational churches, the power and authority for governing Union Congregational Church resides with the membership itself. Items of significant importance must be brought before the membership at duly called congregational meetings. Each year on the second Sunday in February, Union Congregational Church holds its Annual Congregational Meeting. At this meeting the events, programs and finances of the previous year are recapped and discussed and the budget for the coming year is presented to the members for approval. In addition, at this meeting, the congregation elects a group of other church members to serve as the Church Council for the year. These elected members are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the church and serve at the consent of the membership.


The UCC Church Council meets on the second Wednesday of each month. The meetings are open to every member of the congregation.


The following members of the congregation serve as the elected UCC Church Council for 2022:

Position Name Email
Moderator Scout Walton ralphwalton3@gmail.com
Vice Moderator Tom Stumpf t.stumpf@yahoo.com
Treasurer Hunter Baker hunterbaker.crestedbutte@gmail.com
Jennifer Jeffery jcluettabrit@gmail.com
Carolyn Niesman snns40@aol.com
Mike Paulaitis mpaulaitis@gmail.com
Laura Ramos lramos@frontier.net
Pete Rowland prowland@litigationinsights.com
Jean Whittaker jeangwhitt@gmail.com