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Fellowship Meals

Categories: Church News,Mission

The Summer Fellowship Meals were a big hit! The participants really enjoyed connecting with other members of the congregation.

About Fellowship Meals

The next session of Fellowship Meals is about to start. It will run from September through November. You do not need to be here all 3 months in order to participate.

Anyone is encouraged and welcome to join:
Members, non-members, visitors, part time residents, couples, singles, etc. New groups will be identified for each three month time frame.

Sign-up List
Use the sign-up list by the deadline if interested in joining or call Mary in the church office.  People will be grouped together into meal groups and you will be contacted with names and contact information for the people in your group.  Contact Shirley Babler with questions – 970-222-8370.

 Fellowship Meal Groups
Meal groups are 5-6 people who meet together for a meal once a month for three months. A lead person is identified for the group who will contact everyone to set dates, times, and location. Each meal will have a different host.


What if I want to join but I only have a small house or apartment or I don’t cook.
No problem, there are many ways you can still participate. The lead person can discuss options with you and the group.  See examples below.

Where to host meals (be creative):
Personal home in dining room or kitchen or patio
Picnic in park or on a hiking trail, restaurant, or in church parlor (if         arranged)
Share hosting with others in the group

How to provide food (be creative)
Host/hostess provides main course and asks others to bring a salad or dessert
Optional items: appetizer, bread, vegetable, fruit
Have a potluck
Meal can be breakfast, lunch or dinner
Get together can be dessert only, all salads, only appetizers, soups, etc.
Food can be take out from a restaurant
The host may decide to have a theme for the meal

Additional Notes:
Please ask someone to pray and give thanks to God as part of each meal.
Please ask upfront and respect others who wish to not have alcohol as part of the meals.
Discuss length and ending time for the gathering.
Discuss special dietary needs (diabetic, vegetarian, gluten free, etc.)
Discuss if children can be included based on room, location and age of children.
Each host can invite additional people for the meal such as neighbors, friends, family, etc.

Enjoy conversation and Fellowship!