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Annual Meeting 2016

Categories: Church News

Annual Meeting Logo

On Sunday, February 14th, the Union Congregational Church of Crested Butte held its Annual Meeting, immediately following the Sunday church service.
The 2016 slate of council members nominated by the existing council was approved whereby the following 8 members were voted in:

  • Moderator – David Eggebraten (2018)
  • Administration – Craig Williams (2017)
  • Finance – Terry Toole (2018)
  • Worship & Lay Ministry – Keir Wark (2018)
  • Mission & Outreach – Tom Stumpf (2017)
  • Education – Terry Clayton (2017)
  • Congregational Life – Carolyn Neisman (2018)
  • Building & Grounds – Kory Kula (2018)

The Designated Corporate Officers for 2016 are:

  • President (moderator) – David Eggebraten
  • Vice President (vice moderator) – Tom Stumpf
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Terry Toole

Terry Toole discussed the budget developed by the council. Our dependence on pledges as a source of revenue in keeping the church functioning was emphasized. Pledges did decrease this year, a trend we intend to reverse with our next stewardship drive. A summary of the stewardship results:

For 2016, the 97 pledges totaled $197,400, which represented a decrease of $23,000 from the 2015 pledge income total of $220,800. The breakdown of the year over year changes:

  • 31 pledges for 2016 were increased over 2015 for a gain of $15,400
  • 20 pledges for 2016 where decreased from 2015 for a decline of $21,700
  • 10 pledges from 2015 were not renewed representing a decline of $17,000

The budget that was accepted with some explanatory graphics can be found below:

Church Income Statements
Church Income Statements
Church Income Statements

The council extends its thanks to all who attended and participated. There is a suggestion box in the narthex where suggestions are encouraged and welcomed. Please feel free to contact anyone of the church staff or council with any questions or suggestion.