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Schools Not Slavery

Categories: Church News

Children Belong in School, Not in Slavery…… yet because so many rural Haitian parents can’t find a decent school in walking distance that they can afford to send their children to, they will often send them away to live with other families. These parents believe these families will place their child in a good school. Many of these children are well cared for, but about half become trapped in domestic servitude and are vulnerable to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

UCC has partnered with the Beyond Borders Schools Not Slavery program to help ensure that Haitian children can attend a decent school and avoid domestic servitude. A fund raising page has been set up to assist the Joli-Vèje school in Fonnèg on the island of Lagonov in Haiti. The goal is to raise $16,850 for the school by year end which is sufficient to fully fund 6 classrooms. Note that all donations through the end of year are being matched. To find out more information on the program, the Joli-Vèje school and the status of the fund raising campaign, visit the web page at http://schoolsnotslavery.org/joli-veje-school.