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Johann-Jakob (Hans) Werdin Retirement

Categories: Church News

Sunday, June 24th was the commemoration of Johann-Jakob (Hans) Werdin’s retirement from pastoral duties for the Saint Michael’s Church in Spremberg, Germany. Tim Clark was able to represent UCC Crested Butte at the ceremonies, which were attended by over 400 people in Spremberg. There was lots of music including a brass band and gospel music.

Retirement Celebration
Gospel Choir singing
Large Church Event

Hans was instrumental in establishing the church during the reign of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and participated in demonstrations for the revolution which helped lead to the overthrow of the GDR and the felling of the Berlin Wall. Later he helped establish the sister church relationship with UCC Crested Butte and hosted members of our church on various visits to Spremberg. He was able to visit Crested Butte five times as well.

Link to the Saint Michael Church website.