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Video Streaming – A Look Behind the Camera

Categories: Church News

If you have been in Church in the last couple of months, you likely have noticed the new booth in the back corner of the sanctuary and three cameras on the walls. Union Congregational Church is now streaming services on the the web so you can be there, even if you are half way around the globe.

The streaming system was inspired by part-time members and friend that expressed a wish that they could stay connected even when they are back home or on the road. With the generous donations from some members and the work of a some volunteers, we designed and built the equipment needed to provide quality broadcasts of services.

Switching Screen

Three cameras located in various places in the church provide the video while the church’s sound system provides the audio. Each camera is a high-quality camcorder mounted on a remotely controlled pan and tilt and feeds its picture to the control booth where it is input to a computer switching system. Each camera can pan, tilt and zoom around the church under control of a camera operator. Cameras plus inputs from computers, recorded video and graphical effects can be mixed and sent to viewers around the block, country or world. The church uses a streaming service that allows unlimited number of viewers to watch live or watch recorded events in the archive of services.

Now you can watch from anywhere you have an Internet connection. This helps solve the dilemma of go to church or watch after an epic powder day. We see viewers watch live each week but we have 50-60 views per week of the recorded services. We have even attracted a loyal contingent of viewers from our sister church in Spremberg, Germany.

We are receiving some great feedback from members. One member wrote us to say -“I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of Palm Sunday service through watching it stream online. While nothing takes the place of being within the Church, it helps to fill the void I have in my heart on Sundays when we are not able to be present” while another said – “Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the capabilities of the
new technology! We have watched all the services so far and were really thrilled to see the joint service last Sunday and see our Spremberg friends. . .I’m always taking my mother to her church each Sunday morning! Now I can watch the UCC service each Sunday afternoon!”

We always hope to see you in church on Sunday morning but if you can’t make it join us live online or watch it recorded later here. If you are in church, climb the ladder and get the tour of the system.