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Prayer List

New prayer requests can be made online using the Prayer Request form.
Thank you!

Long Term Prayer Needs

Lisa Mulholland and Family
Family and Friends of Sue Dean
Family and Friends of Mr. Gail Leeper
Family and Friends of Chris Cottrell
Family and Friends of Peter Helland
Family and Friends of Elaine Weston
Nancy Gallagher (Family of Beth Gallagher)
Jane Smith (kidney failure)
John Eastlack (Kathy Norgard’s son)
Judy Hansborough (Fibromyalgia & spine)
Kathy Joyce (cancer)
George Gers (cancer, Kay Cook’s Friend)
Tom Warner (cancer)
Betsy Smith (personal need for the Jones daughter)
Bob Becker (support after the death of his wife)
Our Service men & women
Victims of violence around the world
Refugees in Europe, Middle East & elsewhere

Illness & Injury

Marty McCrane (broken pelvis)
Jan Bohrer (recovering from ski accident)
Rosalie Ott (ovarian cancer)
Kathy Ertmoed (Kelly Jo’s aunt, Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy)
Keir Wark (compression fracture in back after a ski accident)
Mary Benedict Steindorff (newborn in hospital with heart issues)
Kevin Joyce (prayers for speedy recovery following a car accident)
Carlie Ann Jones (unknown neurological issues)
Joan Brakefield (cancer)
Margaret Borra (Nancy Riemer’s mother, failing health)
Ashlee Riemer (debilitating back issues)
Julie Foster (cancer)
Tom Tatman (spinal surgery)
Cathy Graybeal (Greg Wiggins’ cousin)
Bill Chaney (cancer reconstruction surgery)
Becky Stockman (lymphatic cancer, friend of the Kubrichts)
Jim Dougherty (Friend of Carl & Judy Jones)
Mary Lee Kutz
Michael Villanueva (cancer)
Jennifer Hulsey (cancer)

Personal Crisis

Jen Thompson (money & a place to live for herself and her daughter)
Sheana Arrington (that she and her children may get back into their home after divorce)
Phil Chavez (prayers for a life partner)